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TOYLELO® DJ Toy | Early developement Toy | Toys for 1 - 4 Year Kids | Sensory De
  • 🪀Interactive DJ Dance Moves: The DJ Toy comes with built-in dance moves that mimic those of a professional DJ. When turned on, it starts dancing with rhythmic and energetic movements that engage children and entertain them for hours.
  • 🪀Light Effects: The toy is equipped with colorful LED lights that flash and change patterns as it dances. The vibrant lights create a dynamic and visually appealing experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment for children.
  • 🪀Durable and Safe Design: The DJ Toy is made of sturdy and child-safe materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It is designed with rounded edges and no small parts to provide a safe play experience for children of various ages.
  • 🪀Educational Benefits: The DJ Toy promotes physical activity, coordination, and rhythm development in children. It encourages them to move, dance, and express themselves creatively, contributing to their cognitive and motor skill development.
  • 🪀Suitable for Group Play: The DJ Toy's dynamic dance moves and engaging features make it perfect for group play. Kids can take turns controlling the toy, dance together, and create their own mini dance parties, fostering social interaction and cooperation.
  • 🪀 Attractive Design: The DJ Toy has a visually appealing design with vibrant colors, a sleek and modern appearance, and DJ-inspired elements. It is eye-catching and instantly captures the attention of children, making it an attractive addition to their toy collection.
  • 🪀 Sound Effects: The DJ Toy produces a variety of sound effects, including catchy tunes, beats, and DJ sound samples. The sound effects synchronize with the dance moves, adding a realistic DJ experience and encouraging kids to dance and groove along.

TOYLELO® DJ Toy | Early developement Toy | Toys for 1 - 4 Year Kids | Sensory De

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹899.10Sale Price
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